Theresa Rebeck

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Theresa Rebeck has had success writing for television, film, and the theater. Originally from the Cincinnati, Ohio, area, Rebeck moved to Boston to attend college and graduated from Brandeis University. While writing plays, Rebeck began also to write for television for such shows as Brooklyn Bridge and Dream On and later for the critically acclaimed show NYPD Blue. Rebeck won a Writer’s Guild award in 1995 for the NYPD Blue episode ‘‘Girl Talk.’’ At the same time she was also having success with her screenwriting career, and coauthored the screenplay for the major motion picture version of Louise Fitzhugh’s book Harriet the Spy. ‘‘Theatre, film, and television,’’ she once remarked, ‘‘are all modes of storytelling, and many of us are fortunate enough to move freely among them without feeling that we’ve ‘left’ or need to ‘go back’ to one or the other. In fact, if the theatre is to avoid a brain drain, this type of fluidity is increasingly necessary.’’ Because of her versatility, she is an inspiration to many young screenwriters today.

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