Their Eyes Were Watching God Summary
by Zora Neale Hurston

Their Eyes Were Watching God book cover
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Their Eyes Were Watching God Summary

Their Eyes Were Watching God is a novel by Zora Neale Hurston in which thrice-widowed Janie Crawford narrates her life.

  • Janie's grandmother arranges for her to marry an older farmer named Logan Killicks, with whom Janie is miserable.
  • Janie runs away with handsome, charismatic Joe Starks. They settle in Eatonville. Joe becomes wealthy, but he often belittles Janie.
  • After Joe dies, Janie falls in love with the young, charismatic Tea Cake.
  • Janie and Tea Cake move to Florida. During a hurricane, Tea Cake is bitten by a rabid dog, and Janie kills him in self-defense.
  • Janie returns to Eatonville, tired but at peace.


When the novel opens, the main character Janie Crawford returns from burying her husband. Her friend Pheoby visits her shortly after this and solicits Janie's entire life story. Hurston uses this as a frame narrative to tell the real story, which follows Janie from her childhood, through her three marriages, and up to the burial of her one great love, Tea Cake. This frame narrative begins when Janie's a little girl and learns that she's different from the White children that she's played with for her whole life. At six years old, Janie realizes that she's African American. Years later, she kisses a boy over a wooden fence, and this event leads to Janie's sexual awakening. She sits under a big, flowering pear tree, which becomes a symbol of her sexuality.

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Her grandmother, Nanny, worried about Janie's sexuality, marries her off to a man named Logan Killicks, whom Janie doesn't love. He treats her badly, working her like a dog on their farm, and she doesn't regret leaving him for Joe Starks, a wealthy man who treats her like a queen—at least at first. Together, the new couple travel to Eatonville, where Joe Starks throws around his money and builds a general store that entices more people to move to the town. For his trouble, Jody, as Joe's called, is elected Mayor. His first order of business is to order new streetlamps for the town.

Janie feels ambivalent about some of the changes in her life. She spends most of her time tending the store Jody built. This makes life boring, and her only real distractions are the townsfolk, who have a hard time relating to her because she's the Mayor's wife. In fact, many of them harbor bad and, in some cases, sexual thoughts about her. Many of these men are her husband's friends. She listens to them talking on the porch, but isn't allowed to join in, and must stand at a remove as an old mule belonging to Matt Bonner dies, as her husband solidifies his position as Mayor, and as she's gradually silenced by his bullying. When he starts beating her, she realizes that she's fallen out of love with him. When she makes a cutting remark about his manhood, he falls ill and dies.

Not long after Jody's funeral, men start courting Janie, realizing that she's rich. However, Janie is enjoying her freedom and doesn't intend to marry again. This all changes when Tea Cake appears one day. He's a brash, romantic, flirtatious young man who manages to win Janie over, in spite of his bad drinking and gambling habits. When people find out about their relationship, they're mad and look down on Janie with scorn, so Janie decides to sell the store and leave Eatonville so that she and Tea Cake can get married.

Janie and Tea cake settle in Jacksonville, Florida. Their life there isn't perfect, and Tea Cake has a habit of disappearing at night, gambling away their money, and placating Janie by playing her songs on his guitar. Then one night Tea Cake steals the $200 Janie brought as emergency money and throws a giant party without inviting her. When he tries to win the money back by gambling, one disgruntled loser stabs him. Still, he makes the money back and then some: $312. Following this incident, Janie and Tea Cake move down to the Everglades, where they live in a little hut and become bean...

(The entire section is 944 words.)