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Their Eyes Were Watching God

by Zora Neale Hurston

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Chapter 13: Questions and Answers

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Study Questions
1. Does anybody from Eatonville see Janie leave?

2. What does Janie send Pheoby after a week in Jacksonville?

3. Why does Mrs. Samuels ask Janie to drink coffee with her?

4. How did Annie Tyler get her money?

5. How much money does Janie still have in Eatonville?

6. How does Janie know Tea Cake is coming back?

7. What does Tea Cake do with the ugly women who want to get into the party?

8. What happens with two men who want to fight each other at Tea Cake’s party?

9. What does God know about Tea Cake?

10. What is the name of the man who cuts Tea Cake with a razor?

1. Janie left early in the morning so there would be fewer people to see her go, “but the few who saw her leave bore plenty witness.”

2. Janie sends Pheoby a greeting card.

3. Mrs. Samuels is a widow, and she considers it “bad” to drink your coffee alone in the morning.

4. Annie Tyler was a widow who got a lot of money from insurance.

5. Janie has twelve hundred dollars in the bank and ten dollars left in her pocket.

6. In the evening, Janie hears guitar playing out of her window. Janie jumps up when she hears Tea Cake singing and recognizes his voice.

7. Tea Cake pays each ugly women two dollars not to come into the party. One woman is so ugly that Tea Cake pays her five dollars.

8. Tea Cake forces them to kiss and make up. Neither man wants to do it, but everyone else thinks it is so funny that they force them to do it.

9. Janie says that “God knows Tea Cake wouldn’t harm a fly.”

10. Tea Cake calls the man who attacked him “Double-Ugly.”

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