The White Devil Trivia Quiz

  1. What makes Francisco swear revenge?

  2. To whom does Zanche profess her love?

  3. Who is married to Isabella?

  4. Where is Vittoria sent after her trial?

  5. What is the name of Bracciano's son?

  6. Why is Lodovico angry at the beginning of the play?

  7. What does Vittoria tell Bracciano about that leads him to kill Camillo and Isabella

  8. What is the name of Vittoria's mother?

  9. Who does Lodovico secretly love?

  10. What is the name of the Duke who Flamineo serves?

  11. How does Bracciano/Julio kill Isabella?

  12. Who pretends to go mad?

  13. How is Bracciano killed?

  14. Who kills Marcello?

  15. What happens to Monticelso?

  16. Who is Vittoria married to?

  17. Who does Francisco kill?

  18. Why is Francisco so affected by Isabella's death?