Prosper is arguably the protagonist of the novel. He is the older brother of Bo, and will do anything to save his brother from his Aunt Esther and Uncle Max. Prosper and Bo are orphans, and Prosper is determined to keep his brother with him. Prosper is level headed, intelligent, and mature for his age. He is a reluctant but natural leader of the children. He puts those he loves first and is willing to make many sacrifices for them.

Bo (Boniface) is the younger brother of Prosper. He is adorable and able to charm people easily. Bo is very trusting of others, because he is only five years old. He accidentally gives away information to Victor, but his charm wins over Victor, leading Victor to keep the boys’ whereabouts a secret.

Scipio Massimo, The Thief Lord, is the leader of the gang of children. He wears high heeled shoes and a bird beaked mask (like the ones doctors in Venice wore during the Black Death hundreds of years ago). He has a thin face and pitch black hair that he wears in a ponytail. Scipio wants independence and freedom from his overbearing, iron-fisted father, Dottore Massimo.

Hornet (Caterina Grimani) wears a long braid down her back that looks like a hornet’s stinger. She has a “quiet, slightly hoarse voice.” (16). She is in charge of managing the finances of the band of children. She makes purchases with the money that the Thief Lord gets from his raids. Hornet loves books and has stacks of them piled around her bed. She takes on the role of an older sister to Bo, and a close friend to Prosper. It is evident she loves them and considers them family.

Ricciois a boy in the gang with hair like a hedgehog, which gains him the nickname “Hedgehog.” He is scrawny and a head shorter than Prosper, although he is around the same age. He loves comic books and stuffed animals. Riccio is often a scout for the Thief Lord before Scipio goes on his raids.

Mosca is the largest and strongest of the children. He has very dark skin and...

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