Chapter 44 Summary

Renzo takes Scipio and Prosper into an overgrown garden maze. Scipio is so eager to get to the merry-go-round that he is shaking all over. As they walk, they hear the bell ring at the gates of the island. Renzo hesitates. He says he is not expecting anybody except Barbarossa, who should not arrive until tomorrow. He explains that he and his sister make their living by selling the Valaressos’ old treasures to Barbarossa, who thinks they are the Conte and Contessa. This arrangement suits Renzo and Morosina, who only want to remain on the island because they know the secret of the stolen merry-go-round. It has taken them years to make its magic work again.

Renzo wants to go back and see who is at the gates, but Scipio...

(The entire section is 551 words.)