Chapter 39 Summary

That evening, Ida throws a party for the children and Victor. Lucia, the housekeeper, cooks a feast. Victor keeps coming into the kitchen to try to taste the food, but Lucia slaps his hands to keep him away. Mosca and Riccio chase each other around the house with Lucia’s dogs barking at their heels. Hornet sticks close to Prosper, who spends the evening brooding over the loss of his brother.

Riccio and Mosca have hidden the Conte’s counterfeit money, and they claim they are planning to try to spend it. When Victor hears about this, he advises against it and tries to make them tell him where the money is. They refuse, and he decides to let it go. He keeps thinking he should go home, but Ida keeps handing him another...

(The entire section is 509 words.)