Chapter 35 Summary

Victor spends the whole night following someone through the freezing city for another case. When he comes home cold and tired, he does not notice the boys waiting for him until Prosper shoves the gun in his face. Victor is not afraid; he merely pushes the gun aside and says that the does not want to play games. When the boys accuse him of telling the police about their hideout, Victor is offended. He tells them he gave them his word of honor and did not break it.

The boys quickly decide to believe that Victor is telling the truth. He gives them some food, and they tell him the story of their latest adventures. Victor says that he would not believe it if he did not already know the children. He murmurs that Ida Spavento was crazy to lead them into so much danger.

When the boys show Victor the money they received for the wing, he is impressed at first. However, when he looks at it closely, he sees that it is fake. Someone has made it with a color copier. Riccio has a fit; he throws the money around and says all their work and the risks they took were for nothing.

Victor reminds everyone that the most important problem at the moment is finding out what happened to Hornet and Bo. He goes into his office to make some calls, and he finds his answering machine blinking. The message is from Esther Hartlieb, who explains that an old woman gave the police a tip about Bo’s whereabouts after seeing one of her posters. The police caught Bo “together with some girl” in an abandoned theater. Now that Esther has Bo, she says, she will no longer need Victor’s services. She tells him he can come by her hotel and pick up his fee before she leaves town.

Prosper is stunned as he hears this message. He goes quiet and says he wants to be alone. The other boys ask if Victor can help them find out where the police take Hornet, and Victor says he can. Riccio and Mosca do not know her real name, but Prosper says he has seen the name Caterina Grimani written inside some of her books.

As Prosper goes off alone to think, Mosca and Riccio decide to sneak back into the Stella to retrieve some of their possessions. Mosca remembers Ida Spavento’s offer of help, and he suggests asking her to store their things for a while.