Chapter 32 Summary

When the boys arrive at the meeting place, the Conte is waiting in a boat. A cloaked figure stands beside him. Prosper hands over the wing, and the cloaked figure pushes off its hood. It is a woman who, like the count, is old. She gives Scipio a bag of money and demands to know how old he is. “With this money, I can be as grown-up as I want to be,” Scipio says. This makes the woman laugh. She comments that different people have different dreams. The Conte explains that he and the old woman want the exact opposite of what Scipio wants.

The boys row back to Ida Spavento and count the money hurriedly as she watches the Conte steer his boat toward the lagoon. Giaco, the sour-faced man driving Ida's boat, turns on the...

(The entire section is 604 words.)