The Story of Edgar Sawtelle Part 3, Chapters 3-4 Summary
by David Wroblewski

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Part 3, Chapters 3-4 Summary

Edgar lies awake, thinking about what his father’s ghost had been trying to sign to him: H-A-A-something-I. Thinking more, he realizes that the third letter was most likely a C instead of an A. He still, however, does not understand what his father was trying to say. He goes downstairs where his mother apologizes for snapping at him the night before. He tells her that he cannot sleep. He is going out to the barn to think up some names for the puppies.

On a piece of paper, Edgar tries to guess what the missing letter is, like in the game of Hangman. He is reasonably sure that the fourth letter was an H, making the word HACHI. He thinks it might be part of a word that he remembers seeing someplace in his grandfather’s letters. He searches through the files until he finds a letter from Charles Adwin, who was a congressman and former ambassador to Japan. Adwin tells his grandfather that he has tracked down the people who own a dog named Hachiku. Adwin tried to get one of Hachiku’s puppies for Sawtelle, but the owners were unwilling to send a puppy overseas. In a second letter, Adwin tells Edgar’s grandfather that he has acquired a puppy of his own, one descended from Hachiku. He is willing to give Sawtelle one of the puppy's offspring when the time comes. Edgar is glad that he has solved the mystery of what his father wanted him to find, but he does not understand yet how it is connected to Claude.

Despite what Trudy has told Edgar, Claude does not move in with his things. He continues to come to work, but there are days that he misses. Edgar had observed a white spot in the grass in front of the barn door. Thinking it strange, he pokes at it with a spade. He picks some of the grass to smell. His mother, noticing him, asks what he is doing. Edgar asks her if the spot looks normal to her. She looks, and then leaves.

Edgar overhears Claude talking to Doctor Papineau. They are discussing a business deal that will be settled Saturday night at a fish boil. It will involve a loan from the vet, and Claude tells him that this...

(The entire section is 578 words.)