Authors Clare Naylor and Mimi Hare share a view from the bottom in The Second Assistant: A Tale From the Bottom of the Hollywood Ladder (2004). Protagonist Elizabeth Miller is excited by the prospects of her new job as an assistant at a fancy Hollywood agency. Convinced that she can handle anything after having worked on a Congressional campaign, Lizzie tackles her new job with great enthusiasm. However, once she starts, any aspirations of glamor or fame are quickly dashed as she is expected to retrieve dry cleaning and arrange parties.

Lizzie's boss, Scott Wagner, is a handful. He uses just about any substance he can get his hands on, has a predilection for strippers and sex, and is generally lazy when it comes to work but domineering when it comes to telling others what to do.

In spite of a rocky, underdressed start, Lizzie eventually warms up to her position and to the industry in general, both looking and acting the part. Amid her frequent trips to the Coffee Bean and incessant stops at the copy machine, Lizzie somehow works her way up the ladder, earning the respect of clients, co-workers, and even her boss. Despite everyone's low expectations, it seems that Lizzie just might be make it in Hollywood.

Readers will savor the insider's glimpse into Hollywood wheelings and dealings as well as the unofficial rules of dating in Hollywood: "Never sleep with your boss unless you have a good sexual harassment lawyer on retainer....Never give stock tips, script secrets or movie ideas to your lover. He will steal them....AA, NA, and SA are all good places to meet movie stars, producers, and directors if access is proving to be a problem."

Clare Naylor has also written Catching Alice and Love: A User's Guide. Mimi Hare was formerly the youngest director of development for a Hollywood production company. She was involved with many films, including Jerry Maguire and As Good As It Gets. Naylor and Hare collaborated on the screenplay for The Accidental Husband, which is slated to star Uma Thurman. Lizzie's adventures continue in The First Assistant: A Continuing Tale From Behind the Hollywood Curtain.