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The Round House was written by Louise Erdrich. The plot revolves around Joe Coutts, whose mother has been raped next to a nearby house that was round in shape; hence, the name of the novel. The round house is considered a sacred and spiritual gathering place. Joe seeks revenge while his mother falls into depression. Joe plots to kill Linden Lark, the man who was accused of raping his mother. When he shoots Linden, he does not die, and Joe’s best friend, Cappy, steps in to finish the job.

My father and I had followed her to the doorway, and I think as we watched her we both had the sense that she was ascending to a place of utter loneliness from which she might never be retrieved.

After the rape incident, Joe’s mother sinks into depression. Joe and his father have quite a strong bond with Geraldine and they cannot help but feel badly for the woman they love so much.

I realized that my deceits were of no consequence as I was dedicated to a purpose which I’d named in my mind vengeance but justice.

Joe tries to justify his vengeance by referring to it as justice. He participates in the investigation with the intent of revenge. His motive in the investigation drives his violent actions.

The best thing for me to do was forget.

Despite successfully executing his revenge mission, Joe is not content and his actions begin to haunt him as opposed to the hurt that he felt at the start of the story. This statement shows that he decides to forget his actions so as to find peace.