The Red Tent My Mother's Stories (Chapter 3)

Anita Diamant

My Mother's Stories (Chapter 3)

Rachel eventually grows quiet in her barren state, and Jacob stops calling for her at night. Sensing her distress, Rachel’s youngest sister, Bilhah, asks Rachel to allow her to go to Jacob so that she might bear a son in Rachel’s name. Rachel agrees and Bilhah, who learns pleasure in her husband’s body, becomes pregnant. The two women enjoy the pains of pregnancy together, and with Rachel as support, Bilhah gives birth to Dan. But soon after Dan’s birth, Rachel again falls into despair, and with Leah nursing, no one is able to keep Jacob’s bed. Leah asks Zilpah to finally look upon her duty. Jacob calls for Zilpah on many nights, trying to bring her to see the sweetness in their coupling, and Zilpah is grateful when she...

(The entire section is 507 words.)