The Post-American World

by Fareed Zakaria

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What are some significant quotes for understanding The Post-American World?

Expert Answers

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I think that the most significant quotes that Zakaria develops in his work are more related to concepts that make his vision more understandable.  For example, the idea of the "rise of the rest" is critical to understanding his work.  In this concept rests the basic idea that the post- American world is one in which individuals come to recognize how the world our view of it fundamentally changes.  America is not to be seen as the sole global power.  The rise of the rest is a concept that enables many of the succeeding concepts in the work to become evident.  Another concept that is important comes in Zakaria's conclusion.  The idea of "legitimacy is power" is vital in Zakaria's thesis.  His basic point is that liberal democracies cannot be simply "planted" in countries and expected to flourish.  The conditions that enable liberal democracy to have public authenticity and support must be present.  It is here where Zakaria makes it clear that the legitimacy and public acceptance of the government is where power lies.  The more a government has legitimacy from its people, the greater the chance it can succeed.  In both the "rise of the rest" and "legitimacy is power," quotes from Zakaria's book are more conceptual ideas with which to understand the paradigm from which he is working.

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