Amy Harper Bellafonte

Although the story is rarely told from her point of view, Amy is central to the plot of The Passage. Sister Lacey compares the viral apocalypse to a second Biblical Flood, one meant to cleanse the world of its sinners. Lacey does not see Amy as taking on the role of Noah but rather of Noah’s Ark. By staying near her, humanity will survive this second trial. This association with heavenly grace is further reflected through Amy’s steady yearning to make snow angels. When Amy’s blood is used to bring Alicia back to life, Cronin may be depicting Amy as a savior figure for humankind.

In spite of her immense role to play in the fate of humankind, Amy inhabits the body of a twelve year old and acts out of instinct. When Peter first meets Amy, she has forgotten how to speak. Over the course of her adventures, she slowly learns to socialize with her fellow passengers. She also begins to discover her viral powers.

Amy was given the most advanced form of the virus that Project Noah produced. Consequently, although she is a viral, Amy is not savage like the death-row inmates. She also seems to have powers beyond those of Babcock and others—powers she does not understand. She is capable of communicating telepathically and is able to keep virals from attacking by asking them not to. She later discovers that she can help other virals die peacefully by rediscovering their preinfection identities.

Peter Jaxon

Although he does not appear during the first third of the novel, Peter may be considered the novel’s protagonist. Peter is a Watchman of the First Colony. He has spent most of his life living in his older brother Theo’s shadow. However, during the course of the novel, he learns that he has an inner strength that Theo lacks. Although he is initially passive, Peter becomes the undisputed leader of the band of colonists that set out to return Amy to Colorado. Sister Lacey suggests that Peter is to Amy what Noah is to the Ark. Amy’s relationship with Peter also reflects the Biblical relationship between Jesus and Simon Peter.

Sister Lacey Antoinette Kudoto

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