The Other Wes Moore

by Wes Moore

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Who were the best men at Wes's wedding in The Other Wes Moore?

Expert Answers

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About five pages before the end of the book, Wes reveals that the two best men at his wedding were Uncle Howard and Justin. He also reveals that his groomsman was Captain Ty Hill.

Uncle Howard worked in the Bronx as a pharmaceutical salesman. He helped Wes when Wes was younger and having difficulties in and out of school. Wes describes him as a "mentor and guide" throughout his life. At the time of the wedding, Uncle Howard lived in New Jersey with his wife and two daughters.

Justin was a childhood friend of Wes's and lived just a few minutes away from Wes in the Bronx. They bonded over music, basketball, and, most of all, the fact that they were two of the very few black children at their public school. Justin went on to serve as a dean at a respected high school near Philadelphia.

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