The Other Wes Moore

by Wes Moore

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What did Wes and Justin learn about the importance of goals from their early experience in The Other Wes Moore?

Expert Answers

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Wes and Justin attended the private Riverdale school in the Bronx. To get there took as long as an hour and a half on some days, as there was always traffic, stalled trains, and weather issues to deal with. They also had to contend with the trip home.

Wes and Justin's friends also gave them a hard time about attending a white private school, and their friends did not understand why Wes and Justin wanted to attend a school they considered snobby. In addition, Wes felt really out of place at times at Riverdale, as most of the other students had much more money than his family did. Wes did not do well at Riverdale and did not dedicate himself to studying, and he later attended a military school. There, he realized the importance of having long-term goals and working to achieve them, even though it was very difficult for him at times.

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