The Other Wes Moore

by Wes Moore

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What is the educational background of Wes Moore's grandparents in The Other Wes Moore?

Expert Answers

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Wes Moore's paternal grandfather is Reverend Dr. James Moore, a minister who originally hails from Jamaica. He came to the United States to study theology and has remained in the country ever since. Here, he got married to a local girl, Winell, Wes's paternal grandmother.

As someone who came to the United States to study, Dr. Moore understands the value of education, as can be seen from his willingness to help pay for Wes to go to Valley Forge military academy. He and Winell sacrificed their entire life savings to make this happen, money that was originally intended to fund their retirement in Jamaica. When Wes finds out about the enormous sacrifices his grandparents have made he resolves to stay at Valley Forge and make a go of things.

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