The Other Wes Moore

by Wes Moore

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What are the good and bad effects of the author attending private school in The Other Wes Moore?

Expert Answers

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In chapter 3 of The Other Wes Moore, Wes is sent to a private school by his mother, Joy. She hopes that the school will allow Wes to move beyond his upbringing to a brighter future. She sees the famous alumni and has high hopes for what Wes might become if he attends.

There are good and bad effects of this decision. One of the bad effects is that the school is an "all-white school." There is only one other black kid in the school, Justin, and Wes quickly befriends him. Wes feels alone and isolated because his friends from his old school do not understand his new school life. Wes begins to perform poorly academically.

Justin, however, has a similar background and is doing really well academically. Justin tries to help Wes by encouraging him. Moore learns how to face diversity from this experience, but he first disappoints the people around him by giving into his circumstances instead of rising above them.

During this time, Wes also makes poor choices because he starts getting high and considering selling drugs. He thinks that this is an easier way to get into a good life, because academics are harder than he wants them to be.

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