The Other Wes Moore

by Wes Moore

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How did the move affect Wes in The Other Wes Moore?

Expert Answers

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On page 30, when describing the move from Maryland to New York, Wes says that, for the "first few days after the move, [he] became antsy." In other words, he became restless and didn't feel comfortable, in large part because the life he was used to in Maryland was very different to the new life he was confronted with in New York.

Wes says that he "missed [his] old friends and [his] old neighbourhood." To ease his feeling of restlessness, Wes explores the new streets and dribbles his basketball "up the concrete sidewalks towards the courts." The people he meets on the basketball courts are "different from [his] friends back in Maryland" (page 31) but Wes quickly makes new friends.

On page 34, Wes says that in the Bronx everything was "more intense and potent" and acknowledges that his "senses were assaulted." He describes "a fog of food smells," a diverse, multicultural mix of people, a jumble of different accents and languages, and crowded sidewalks. These observations suggest that the move to New York made Wes feel somewhat overwhelmed, though not necessarily in a bad way. He was, if anything, excited by the busyness of the Bronx.

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