The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals Chapter 10 Summary

Michael Pollan

Chapter 10 Summary

In “Grass,” Michael Pollan expands on the mechanics of Joel Salatin’s grass farm. Pollan explains that for many Americans, grass exists as an abstract concept, little more than a green carpet. However, he explains that there is more to grass than most Americans realize. For Joel Salatin, his entire farm starts with grass. Salatin refers to a blade of grass as a “photovoltaic panel” that converts sunlight into energy. Pollan explains that humans are unusual among omnivores because we cannot digest grass. Cattle, on the other hand, can digest grass perfectly.

Life on the Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm is perhaps best described as “alternative.” In many ways, Salatin’s idea of grass farming has been...

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