The Night Circus

by Erin Morgenstern

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Part 4, Chapters 7-9 Summary

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While on the circus train, traveling from Boston to New York, Widget and Poppet decide to take their problem to Celia. Celia immediately senses that the twins are troubled. Poppet is the first to speak. She tells Celia that she believes that something she thought was supposed to happen did not happen. Poppet then explains about Bailey. She says that Bailey did not appear before the circus train left, though she had clearly seen that he would be with them.

Celia then senses that Poppet might still be upset about Friedrick’s death. Although Poppet did not fully understand her vision, she had seen bits and pieces of the event. Celia consoles Poppet, telling her that it was not her fault. But Poppet asks what good it does to be able to see the future but not do anything about it. Celia replies that no one can change the future, but Poppet does not accept this. She believes that Celia is strong enough to change what Poppet has seen.

Celia asks Poppet to be clearer about her visions. Poppet tells her that she cannot, but Celia counters by suggesting that perhaps she does not want to see the future any more since Friedrick’s murder. If Poppet wants Celia to help, Poppet must concentrate harder. Celia hypnotizes Poppet to help improve the girl’s visions. Afterward, Poppet reports that she saw a fire start with the bonfire in the cauldron in the circus courtyard. In her vision, the fire has spilled over and the entire courtyard is on fire. Poppet also sees Celia in her vision. Celia is standing in the courtyard with a man. Then Celia disappears, and Poppet does not understand this, but somehow even though Celia is gone, she is also still there. Poppet also sees Bailey in the vision.

Celia thinks she knows the identity of the man with her in the vision. She says that if she is right, they are not in imminent danger because that man is in London right now. Poppet refuses this interpretation. Poppet believes that this event she has seen will take place very soon. Celia asks that they all stop worrying about what might happen because it drains them of energy. Instead, she wants them to be patient and let her know anything else they may see. Celia will, in the meantime, attempt to use magic to fireproof as much of the circus as she can.

Bailey has arrived in New York. He is waiting with a group of new friends to hear news of the circus. Finally someone arrives who has spotted the tents. He tells Bailey where to find the circus. Before Bailey leaves, the man who brought the news also says that he has heard an explosion coming from the direction of the circus. At this, Bailey starts running.

The scene shifts to London. Isobel has left the circus and is waiting for Marco. Marco is surprised to see her and wants to know why she is there. Isobel tells Marco that she wants to apologize for tampering with the circus. She feels partly responsible for Friedrick’s death. Marco insists that it was not Isobel’s fault. Then Isobel asks Marco if he ever loved her. Marco is very honest with her and answers that he did not. Before she leaves, Isobel tells Marco that she did a Tarot reading for Bailey and saw that there was a possibility that he might have saved Marco and Celia. But now the timing is wrong, she says. Then before Marco notices, Isobel blows a black dust into Marco’s eyes. When Marco’s vision is restored, his briefcase is gone.

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