The Misfits

by James Howe

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Student Question

What is the setting of The Misfits by James Howe?

Expert Answers

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The Misfits is set in the town of Paintbrush Falls, New York. Paintbrush Falls is a fictional town, though according to the author, James Howe, it is based on the real town of Winston, New York, where the author lived until he was in the seventh grade. The town has an assortment of small businesses that might be easily imagined in a small, kitschy town. Some of these, including The Candy Kitchen, are based on real businesses that Howe remembers from his time in Webster.

The timing of the story is not specified, but it is clearly a few months after the beginning of the school year. Most of the scenes of the book take place either at school or at the Candy Kitchen.

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