The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1989, Chapter 3 Summary

Kim Edwards

1989, Chapter 3 Summary

September 1, 1989

It is the day of Norah’s wedding, and Paul hears the strains of the organ, played by a friend of his from Peru. She was a true friend to him after Michele left, admonishing him for wallowing in his loss. Phoebe is standing beside him in a silvery green dress and holding the daffodils she carried in the wedding. She is smiling and enjoying the music. This stranger, his twin, had walked next to him down the aisle of the tiny church toward Norah and Frederic. Norah had insisted that her children stand with her at her wedding.

Norah is going to France, and in a few months Paul and Phoebe will go together to France to visit them. These plans had already been decided, but a...

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