The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1989, Chapter 2 Summary

Kim Edwards

1989, Chapter 2 Summary

July 2–4, 1989

Michelle and Paul are arguing in their Cincinnati apartment. He wants to get married, but she understands what he really wants is to have a child, which would irrevocably change her life. Paul sighs; he understands now that she will be leaving him very soon. Michelle does not let the conversation drop and tells him she finds it interesting timing that he talks of marriage just as her career is about to soar; she even wonders if he is trying to end the relationship. There is a long silence, and finally Paul has to speak. Relationships are not stagnant, he tells her; they either grow or they die. He wants theirs to grow. Michelle says a piece of paper will change everything and she will...

(The entire section is 1581 words.)