The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1989, Chapter 1 Summary

Kim Edwards

1989, Chapter 1 Summary

July 1, 1989

No one has been in David’s darkroom since he moved out seven years ago. Norah wants to sell the house, so she has no choice but to clean it out. David’s photographs are popular again and curators are coming tomorrow to view his collection. Because David had been so meticulous in his filing and labeling, Norah expects to be finished in a day; however, she does not take into account the lure of memory. She has only made it through one box by the afternoon. Looking at the pictures, she wonders why the photos of her depict a person she does not remember being, a life she does not remember living.

She and Frederic are getting married in a few months and then moving to France....

(The entire section is 1465 words.)