The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1988, Chapter 3 Summary

Kim Edwards

1988, Chapter 3 Summary

Caroline and Phoebe are sitting at the back of the bus, and a handsome young man named Robert is introducing himself to everyone on the bus. He comments on the weather, the driver, whatever he can think of to talk about. Caroline smiles at him as he shakes her hand, but no one else on the bus will even meet his eyes. Robert continues undaunted, and Caroline decides not to intervene as he waits patiently for someone to respond. That someone is Phoebe, who lights up from within when Robert is around. When he sits in the seat next to Phoebe, she looks at him with complete adoration in her smile; she is incapable of holding anything back. Robert returns her smile, “wonderstruck” that someone is willing to pay attention to him....

(The entire section is 1510 words.)