The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1988, Chapter 2 Summary

Kim Edwards

1988, Chapter 2 Summary

Norah and Bree sit in the gardens of the Louvre, waiting for Paul. Bree has been cancer free for five years, and her life has changed. She works less, volunteers more, and is married to a widowed minister. Norah is nervous that Paul has forgotten their date. Earlier in the summer, Paul discovered that he and his mother were going to be in Paris at the same time, and he told her he would meet her at the Louvre at 5:00 and take her to dinner. Unfortunately, Norah was so concerned about giving Paul his freedom as an adult that she did not get his exact itinerary. When she received word that David had been out running and died of a heart attack, she had no way to reach her son to tell him the news. Norah flew back for the funeral, but...

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