The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1988, Chapter 1 Summary

Kim Edwards

1988, Chapter 1 Summary

July 1988

David sits in his upstairs home office. Below, Rosemary is working in the garden as her son, Jack, a sturdy five-year-old, plays with a dump truck near her. Jack is fiercely independent; when Rosemary goes to work and David watches him, he wants to do everything himself. David tries to let him, as long as it is safe. What David enjoys most are small things such as reading Jack a story and walking with the boy’s little hand in his. He grieves that he missed such moments with Paul while he was building a clinic and a career—two careers. The pattern of his life is now painfully clear to him: when he handed his daughter to Caroline Gill, he created a secret that took root in the heart of his...

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