The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1982, Chapter 4 Summary

Kim Edwards

1982, Chapter 4 Summary

The personnel manager for IBM is walking into Norah’s meeting room. Bree is there to meet him until Norah gets off the phone with Sam. Sam is her latest lover; they met in the parking garage six months ago. He is an investment analyst and somewhat of a bully, and Norah realizes now she does not even like him very much. She has had four affairs during her marriage to David, and each time she began the relationship with a sense of hope and new beginnings. All of them had begun when the silence throbbing through their house had driven her to the brink of madness and had her longing for any form of solace. Across the room, Bree is waiting for Norah to begin their meeting.

Sam is offering his support and help with Paul,...

(The entire section is 1467 words.)