The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1982, Chapter 3 Summary

Kim Edwards

1982, Chapter 3 Summary

It is morning and Norah calls Paul to get up now. Yesterday she got her hair frosted and spent time crying, wondering where her husband was. Then David came home last night after a three-day absence, and today things are more normal. She knows Paul is not really sick, but he convinces her to let him stay home. Norah is conflicted because she would like to stay home with him but has promised Bree she will go to a doctor’s appointment with her. Paul tells her it is fine, that she should go, but he secretly wishes she would drop everything to stay with him. She brushes his cheek and leaves.

Over the years, Norah and Bree have gotten much closer; in fact, Norah has become much more like her independent, free-spirited...

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