The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1977, Chapter 1 Summary

Kim Edwards

1977, Chapter 1 Summary

July 1977

Norah won a trip to Aruba for selling the most cruise packages in the state of Kentucky last year. Now she is lying in the sand, posing for David. Paul is a gangly thirteen-year-old who runs every day as if he wants to escape his life. The sand is sticking to Norah and she is hot, but David tells her he is not quite finished and that she will love the way she becomes part of the sand and the water and the waves in the photos. The photos are of the natural setting, and Norah’s appearance in the form of a curve or a line will be an unexpected discovery and pleasure for those who look at them.

Norah has gotten very good at selling the dream of exotic places. She is an expert at...

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