The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1970, Chapter 3 Summary

Kim Edwards

1970, Chapter 3 Summary

June 1970

Watching Phoebe play delightedly in her preschool room, Dorothy remarks that the six-year-old has her mother’s hair. Caroline knows there is no possibility this is true, but she is flattered nonetheless. The chubby girl with dimpled knees and a winning smile is just another student to the children at her preschool. Here, her differences go unnoticed, though Caroline had been prepared for dire comments such as she has heard before—the cruelest of which was “at least she won’t live very long—that’s a blessing.” The comments stem from thoughtlessness, ignorance, or cruelty, and they have “rubbed a raw spot” on Caroline’s heart. She understands that Phoebe will struggle more...

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