The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1970, Chapter 2 Summary

Kim Edwards

1970, Chapter 2 Summary

Six-year-old Paul rushes to see his daddy—and he opens the door of David’s darkroom just as he slips an exposed sheet of paper into the developer. David snaps at his son for entering the room when the red light is on, and then he apologizes and asks what is so urgent that Paul had to ruin his pictures. Paul unclenches his small fist and shows his father some fossils he found next to a creek at a friend’s farm. David tells him they were part of a sea lily and that Kentucky used to be under an ocean. They make plans to look it up in their rock book later.

In the meantime, everything is ready for the party, and Paul has strict orders not to get dirty. The yard is ready for a party, with tables and flowers and even a...

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