The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1970, Chapter 1 Summary

Kim Edwards

1970, Chapter 1 Summary

May 1970

Paul is six; Norah tells her son’s teacher that he is allergic to bees. Norah enjoys watching her son play on the playground, and she is “overcome by the simple fact of his existence.” Kay Marshall interrupts Norah’s reverie. She is dressed perfectly, as are her lovely children. Her oldest, Elizabeth, is a week younger than Paul is, and she is pushing her ten-month-old in a carriage. Norah always feels a bit frumpy and inadequate when she is with Kay; in fact, Norah often thinks that if she were more like Kay, her marriage might improve and her relationship with David might be happier. When Norah picks up the baby, she is reminded of the pleasure she got from holding Paul at this age....

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