The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1965, Chapter 1 Summary

Kim Edwards

1965, Chapter 1 Summary

February 1965

Norah is decorating their new home for a pre–Valentine’s Day celebration. The Henrys moved to a new house, hoping it would help them put the past behind them. It has not worked. Eleven-month-old Paul has just learned to walk and is enjoying all the new potential for exploration and destruction in this new place. The phone rings; it is her husband’s new nurse from his hospital office. His other nurse, Caroline Gill, had suddenly and inexplicably left. The nurse tells Norah there was a terrible car accident, and Dr. Henry was just on his way home when he was called back to work. He will likely not be home for hours because the wreck was a bad one. Bree comes in as Norah is hanging up...

(The entire section is 871 words.)