The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1964, Chapter 4 Summary

Kim Edwards

1964, Chapter 4 Summary

Caroline’s voice fades away and she carries the crying baby with her to the door of the grocery store. Every door is locked, and Caroline kicks the door in her frustration. A man’s voice behind her tells her what she already knows—no one is there and no one is going to open the door for her. He is a large man, and he is immediately a calming presence for the usually calm nurse. She explains her plight, and he reminds her it is Saturday night in the midst of a storm; no one is going to come help her even if she could get to the phone that is right inside the doors. He tells her she is welcome to come sit in his warm truck; when she hesitates, he tells her he is thinking of the baby more than her. He had delivered a load of...

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