The Memory Keeper's Daughter 1964, Chapter 3 Summary

Kim Edwards

1964, Chapter 3 Summary

Norah Henry dreams of searching for something she has lost but awakens to the sound of her newborn son crying. She immediately puts him to her breast and he is content; she is almost content.

Although David cried immediately over the loss of their daughter (a blue baby, he had explained, as tears ran down his face), she did not. Her memories were blurry, but the infant in her arms was perfect and would be more than enough. As they were leaving the clinic, Norah asks to see her daughter, but David tells her she cannot see her. He explains she was buried on a colleague’s family farm and they can visit in the spring. Norah did not demur; it was 1964, and a wife’s deference to her husband was complete. She was glad, in...

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