What effect did Johnny have on the two men in The Lucky One?

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In The Lucky One, Keith uses Johnny Carson to describe the accent of Logan. It creates the effect that Logan is an outsider, which he is. Like Carson, Logan isn’t from North Carolina. It also creates a personal effect since it tells the reader a little about Keith’s upbringing.

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In Nicholas Sparks's novel The Lucky One, there is only one Johnny and that is Johnny Carson. Johnny Carson was a famous late-night TV talk show host. In his day, he was like Jimmy Fallon or Jimmy Kimmel (minus their recent, respective controversies).

Johnny Carson comes up in reference to two men. Those two men are the main characters of The Lucky One: Keith Clayton and Logan Thibault. Keith is a police officer and encounters Logan while Keith is taking pictures of three college girls who are sunbathing naked even though they’re not supposed to.

Keith lets the girls off the hook. He then directs his attention to Logan. He’s worried Logan saw him taking pictures. When Keith speaks to Logan, he describes Logan’s English as “Johnny Carson English,” which is how Keith's mom liked to describe a person with no accent. The effects of the description are twofold: the description helps determine Logan’s outsider status, and it tells the reader a little bit about Keith’s upbringing. Keith’s mom likely watched The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

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