"I have no friends, no place to hide, nothing to turn to. But I know exactly where I'm going—the river. Years ago, when I was a member of The Family, for every summer vacation we would drive up to the Russian River in Guerneville. The best times in my life were the days spent learning to swim at Johnson's Beach, riding down the Super Slide, going on hayrides at sunset and playing with my brothers on the old tree stump by our cabin. Remembering the smell of the giant redwood trees and the beauty of the dark green river makes me smile."

"On March 5, 1973, I received the long-awaited answer to my prayers. I was rescued."
"I began to feel extremely confident. I am someone. I am somebody, I told myself. I could feel parts of my body begin to relax. I was no longer scared. For once, everything was fine—right up until the moment I heard the phone ring."
"I knew from experience that if I left anything behind, I would never see it again."
"I just could not accept the realities of my life. How in God's name did I let it come to this? I asked myself. I knew, as I stood staring out the living room window, that I would spend another day hiding in the only place I felt safe and warm—the covers of my bed."

"You have to understand that in a person's life there are a few precious moments in which decisions, choices that you make now, will affect you for the rest of your life."

"Once my superhero and known for his courageous efforts in rescuing children from burning buildings, Father is now a beaten man."

"Whenever I decided to steal a serious item, I became extremely focused inside. Before making my move I would imagine every aisle and the entire layout of the toy shelves. I plotted my primary and alternate...

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