Chapter 37 Summary

Watch What They Do, Not What They Say

Chloe Pausch is only eighteen months old, so she is too young for her father to tell her this now, but when she is old enough to understand he wants her to know something he once heard from a female colleague. What Pausch’s friend said is good advice for all young women; in fact, he believes it may be the best advice of any kind he has ever gotten.

She told Pausch that it took her a long time to figure this out, but she eventually did and she wanted to share it with him. What she learned is actually quite simple. When a man is romantically interested in her, she ignores everything he says; instead, she only pays attention to what he does. It is his actions that speak the loudest and are probably closer to his true character than whatever words so easily pass his lips. Obviously this is true of more than a potential romantic partner and can be applied to everyone we meet.

Pausch writes that simple but powerful advice here for his daughter Chloe to read one day. The more he thinks about it, the more Pausch is convinced it is probably good advice for Dylan and Logan to hear from him as well.