Chapter 36 Summary

Look for the Best in Everybody

Jon Snoddy is Pausch’s hero and friend; he is also a Disney Imagineer who has a unique way of looking at the world. One piece of advice from Snoddy makes a tremendous impression on Pausch. He believes that if a person waits long enough, people will surprise and impress him. This is a lesson he has learned over the course of his life and is something he lives by today.

This kind of thinking is what inspires Pausch to consider Snoddy his hero, and he begins to think as his hero does. Sometimes, when people are frustrating him and making him angry, perhaps it is because he has not yet given them enough time. Snoddy warns him that many times great patience is required; sometimes it even takes years. In the end, though, the Disney Imagineer believes people will demonstrate their positive attributes and good behavior. We must all learn to patient, as almost everyone has a good side, and there is nothing to do but wait for it to come out. If we are patient and are looking for something good, it will happen.