The Inheritance of Loss Chapters 9-10 Summary

Kiran Desai

Chapters 9-10 Summary

As Sai tells the sisters about the group of men who robbed her grandfather's house, the sisters become concerned about their own welfare. They are elderly women living alone with only a night guard to watch over them and their possessions. The guard, named Budhoo, is a retired Nepali military man. He has been very loyal over the years, and in the past, the women have felt safe under his protection. However, if there should be a revolution of the Nepali people, would this man remain faithful to them?

The sisters had accumulated wealth over the years. They had precious objects they had bought from England. Their garden was the only one in the area that grew such delicacies as broccoli and pears. Their food storage was...

(The entire section is 501 words.)