The Inheritance of Loss Chapters 45-48 Summary

Kiran Desai

Chapters 45-48 Summary

Biju is on his way back to India. The flight is long and the plane is cramped, with barely any legroom or headroom. Unlike the European flights, airlines from third-world countries (including India is at this time) use terminals at the large airports that isolate passengers heading to the most uncommon locations. People from Biju’s flight, for instance, are ushered off the plane at London’s Heathrow Airport and forced to wait overnight in cramped quarters. Waiting for days for connections is a typical hardship for Indian travelers. There also are no food services available to them.

If this bothers Biju, he does not show it. In the tiny bathroom on the plane, he salutes himself in the mirror. He is starting his life...

(The entire section is 565 words.)