The Inheritance of Loss Chapters 39-41 Summary

Kiran Desai

Chapters 39-41 Summary

After seeing Sai in Darjeeling and pretending not to know her, Gyan comes to the judge’s house one more time. When Sai looks at Gyan, she thinks he seems as if he were chained to the table. Gyan makes Sai feel disgusted with herself for ever loving him. He has become despicable in her eyes. When she asks him why he acted as he did in Darjeeling, Gyan tells Sai he was confused. He uses the excuse that he is only human and sometimes makes mistakes. This does not endear him to her. Instead, it unleashes a torrent of anger. Gyan leaves the house, and Sai feels a sense of incompleteness. She had enjoyed feeling wanted and desired. Now there is nothing but emptiness.

After a few days, she wishes Gyan would come back and...

(The entire section is 770 words.)