The Inheritance of Loss Chapters 36-38 Summary

Kiran Desai

Chapters 36-38 Summary

The political pressure on the village continues, stretching into longer and longer lasting strikes. The news of the strife is carried to Biju in America via a newspaper, the India Abroad. When he reads of the trouble, Biju worries about his father. He wonders if his father is still alive. He wonders if the rebels could have killed him. The strikes have caused a disruption in the mail, and Biju has not heard from his father in months. By the next day, Biju can no longer stand not knowing his father’s condition, so he telephones his old village in India. Fortunately, he calls a few weeks before the rebels cut all the telephone lines.

There is no phone where the cook lives and works, so Biju calls a place called...

(The entire section is 658 words.)