The Inheritance of Loss Chapters 31-32 Summary

Kiran Desai

Chapters 31-32 Summary

The tension in the village and surrounding area is mounting. The rebels are orchestrating work stoppages and blocking roads to control who could go in and out of the area. All national celebrations are forbidden. Boycotts of elections are ordered. In addition, the rebels refuse to pay taxes or repay loans. Even the Indo-Nepali treaty, which had been signed in 1950, is burned as a symbolic gesture of the Nepali rebels who believe that the treaty has done them no good.

Despite all these actions, Noni and Lola and Sai decide to travel to Darjeeling, a city in the Indian state of West Bengal. They are going there to return their books to the library. Traveling with them are two local men, Father Booty, a Catholic priest,...

(The entire section is 626 words.)