The Inheritance of Loss Chapters 26-28 Summary

Kiran Desai

Chapters 26-28 Summary

Gyan was in the village, buying rice, when he was swept up in a crowd of young men, some of them student-friends of his. The men were protesting. They were of Nepali descent and were tired of and frustrated with being treated like third-class citizens. They claimed that they had fought for India and for England for several generations, but they had not been compensated for their sacrifices and hard work. They were continually denied jobs and positions in the government merely because of their Nepali blood. Because of this, they no longer wanted to beg for help. Instead, they wanted their own territory, their own part of India.

As Gyan was drawn into their midst, he first questioned whether the young men were serious...

(The entire section is 623 words.)