The Inheritance of Loss Chapters 18-19 Summary

Kiran Desai

Chapters 18-19 Summary

The monsoon season came to India, causing the judge's house to badly leak. The monsoon season in this part of the country meant up to four or even five months of heavy downpours, sometimes in the form of hail. The rain halted the budding revolution, which had transformed into strikes. There was no sense protesting against the government or businesses when neither was open. Everyone was staying home. Roads were washed out by the rains, so passage from one place to the next was all but impossible. Only foolish people went out in the storms, as Gyan did.

Gyan told himself that he was worried about his tuition and did not want to miss one of his tutoring sessions. He also did not want Sai to fall behind in her studies. At...

(The entire section is 643 words.)