The Inheritance of Loss Chapters 13-15 Summary

Kiran Desai

Chapters 13-15 Summary

Sai reluctantly met her math and science tutor, a college student named Gyan. In the beginning, she tried to ignore him. The cook, not wanting to intrude but desiring to keep an eye on them, sat on a stool outside the dining room. The cook approved of the tutor and his careful tone of voice as he explained the mathematical problems and helped with the answers. What the cook could not see, or did not notice, was the chemistry that was building between Sai and Gyan. The tutor left quickly each day because of the powerful effect that Sai had on him. Sai stared in the mirror afterward, wondering how she appeared to Gyan. Meanwhile, the cook made declarations about Gyan that Sai found silly. The cook thought it strange that Gyan was...

(The entire section is 516 words.)